Michael Mackenzie

November 28, 2019 -

Michael Mackenzie

President, Skyline Commercial Asset Management Inc.

Michael MacKenzie, President, Headshot

As President of Skyline Commercial Asset Management Inc., a division of Skyline Asset Management Inc. (SAMI) that oversees Skyline Commercial REIT’s purchases, Michael provides leadership for the growth and performance of Skyline Commercial REIT.

Michael joined Skyline with experience spanning over 29 years of acquisitions, asset and property management, and corporate leadership across multiple sectors in the real estate industry. As Partner and Chief Operating Officer at a Toronto-based private equity fund manager for the previous ten years, Michael played a pivotal role in the growth of that firm, from inception to approximately $1 billion in real estate assets under management. Michael directed both the Fund acquisition and operations of the corporation, and played a key role in the development of Fund strategies.

Michael was previously President of O&Y Enterprise Property Management, Canada’s largest provider of third-party property management services, managing in excess of $8 billion in real estate assets across Canada.

Michael’s strong background in real estate operations, and his years of experience growing real estate businesses, makes him a notable asset to Skyline Group of Companies. He holds a BA Major in Economics from the University of Western Ontario.

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