Dominic Bonin

November 27, 2019 -

Dominic Bonin

Director of Leasing, Skyline Commercial Asset Management Inc.

Dominic Bonin, Leasing Director, Headshot

As Director of Leasing for Skyline Commercial Asset Management Inc., Dominic is responsible for all commercial leasing duties within Skyline Commercial REIT, including new deals, renewals, and expansion. He oversees a commercial portfolio of approximately 750 tenants, totaling more than six million square feet of commercial space across dozens of cities in Canada. He works closely with several broker teams in markets across the country.

Dominic has been working in commercial real estate for six years. Previously, he was a broker at one of the world’s largest commercial brokerages, and specialized in Industrial Leasing and Investment Sales in the Ottawa, ON area. His responsibilities included property appraisals, vendor research, property inspections, and market forecasts.

Dominic takes a personal approach to understanding the individual needs of each tenant within Skyline’s commercial portfolio, ensuring that Skyline is providing the best possible homes for each business. With hundreds of tenants of varying business sizes and industries, Dominic fosters and maintains an ongoing client service relationship with each one.

Dominic holds a Business Degree from the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management.

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